Terry is a bit of a star. Not only has he stepped up and helped BADRAT get our stickers (great for cars, windows, possessions, small children*)   (*don’t stick them to small children) printed out…

But….he’s also a taxi driver. And not just ANY taxi driver. Terry is a taxi driver who has awesomely offered to give BADRAT runners a 10% discount off bookings.

So, if you need to get to club and need a lift – call Terry. If you want to go out after club and work those lactic-filled legs into a frenzy – call Terry. In fact, if you need a taxi full-stop…..that’s right, call Terry.

He works for A-Cabs in Taunton, but covers Bridgwater and is based just down the road from BADRAT HQ.
How do I contact the legend that is Terry, we hear you ask. Well, see below:



01278 393003
07900 900093 (text service)
Happy travels!