Our guiding principles

Enjoy. Enjoy your runs! Enjoy the company and the chance to get out and enjoy all the beautiful Somerset and Quantock scenery have to offer. 

Embrace. Give progression and achievement a great big hug. Wrap your arms around the opportunity to try new routes and running challenges. Embrace your fellow club members and the chance to run together, learning and getting fitter together.

Encourage. We are not a run club that expects perfection or a set speed or result – we are all here to encourage each other to be our best and achieve each individual aim through support, advice, positivity and encouragement. Every one has bad days, injuries, disappointments, frustrations. It’s running, it’s normal!


BADRAT? What’s different?

We want to be a club for our members. This is about more than just meeting up to run as a group, and having the social element.

Events. We like local, fun events. It doesn’t have to be an all out results-centred race, you can take many of these events as you want to. We have a handful of superb run event organisations we support and attend ourselves, so you’re welcome to join us! We know they reflect our core values, we know they look after their runners, and that makes them pretty awesome.

Helpful tips. Runners love hints and tips, and we aim to provide handy guidance and information (from trusted sources and professionals we use too) to help you become the best BADRAT runner you can be.

Reviews. Running is a cheap form of exercise…..yeah, we’ve all heard that. Running isn’t cheap, especially when you start on more specialist shoes, bags, belts, jackets, gels….the list is endless! We are always happy to share reviews of kit we have tried, tested and found to work well, to help you when you are looking for things yourself. If we have used something and can constructively review, recommend or provide guidance around it we will to help you get the kit you need without being quite so in the dark!

Offers. We like good running related services and support, and we like recommending amazing people and businesses to our members. Part of our ethos is to make sure we look after our members and those who stand out within the running community by providing something rather special. We will share offers and discounts from a choice few of the best out there so our members can benefit from their services and support them by return by using and recommending them.