What sums Flying Fox up better than their Instagram description?!

 “Awesome races for all abilities of runner!! Brought to you by a small team of strange running enthusiasts.”

We agree here at BADRAT – Flying Fox run several races and events around our local area and they are great! No one feels out of place, the events truly are for all abilities and the medals…well, take a look through their social media links below (we particularly like Dark Woods 2019, by the way).

Nathan, Pippa and their team are lovely too, always welcoming, happy to help and brimming with enthusiasm.
We have had some superb support from the team in getting BADRAT established, and it has made a huge difference to how things have shaped up so far.  Thanks guys!

Head over to their website to learn more (and book races – go on!)

Follow them on socials too for regular posts, updates, events, photos and medal sneak peaks!