Club Founder

My running started back in 2018 as part of a weight loss process, and as a way to escape the cross trainer at home!

I ran up local roads and hills, and ended up several months later joining a local club and falling into my first races – Weston Super Half and the Taunton Marathon. This sparked rather a love of events, and in a desire to improve both my running and anyone else I could help on the way!

Since then I have run 2 marathons, 5 halves and over things in between, some on road, some over trail. I have rather fallen for the challenge of trail, races that don’t respect the ‘road race’ training and instead test you over all sorts of environments, terrains and conditions. Generally hills and mud.

My favourite events to date are polar opposites – Weston Super Half (my first race!) on road and Dark Woods – a trail challenge in the dark and wet…and yes, with hills.

I joined Bjorn in helping create BADRAT in 2020, a time of cancelled races and Covid-19 restrictions, so we could being something new to the running scene.

Picture of Nick, Club Founder of BADRAT