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BADRAT X England Athletics - The Next Step

Bridgwater And District Road And Trail (BADRAT) runners are excited and extremely proud to announce that we are now a UK Athletics (England Athletics) affiliated running club! This is a significant achievement for BADRAT, but what does this actually mean – for the club? – for you, our members?

UKA/EA affiliation is a hugely important step for us as a club. Our aim has always been to bring our members (that’s you!) everything we can to help you enjoy and develop your running, and this was always a core part of what we wanted to strive for.

So, what are the benefits and advantages of affiliation?

As a club it means we now have insurance on club runs for our members, resources for our run leaders and also a committee which will ensure you get the best we as a club can offer. You can find more details through this link:

What do you get as a result of BADRAT being affiliated?

You get access to a minimum £2 discount on UKA registered events – just choose the ‘affiliated entry’ option when registered. UKA athlete development days, Power of 10 listing which allows you to track your progress from events, discounts with UKA partners (even a few BADRAT don’t have on board…yet 😉 ) – all sorts!

How do you access all this? We're pleased you asked!

If you are not yet an England Athletics registered athlete then you need to register. Just get in touch with us and we can get you registered. There is a yearly EA fee of £15 for membership in addition to your BADRAT membership. You can do this when you apply for BADRAT membership where we can handle the EA registration for you, or if you’re already a BADRAT member by getting in touch with us.

If you’re already an EA registered athlete with another club you can apply for a club transfer through your ‘myATHLETICS’ portal, just follow the link and log in!

If you have any questions just get in touch with our membership secretary Richard (, or speak to any one of the BADRAT team.

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