Members Secretary / Run Lead

In 2019 my job meant that I spent over 6 months in hotels around the world with a lot of free time in the evenings. This, when coupled with the need to exercise in order to address the sedentary lifestyle that work forced upon me, resulted in me turning to the treadmills in the hotel gyms to fill my time and improve my fitness. I really enjoyed losing myself in the running to such an extent that my wife treated me to a treadmill for my birthday, so that I could continue running whilst at home.

Once I’d achieved a level of fitness it gave me the confidence to join other runners and look to improve through group runs and by taking advice and guidance from more experienced runners – it turns out that I could have approached these runners with just a basic level of running experience and they would still have helped me get better.

I set myself 5km, 10km and half marathon goals and am pleased to say that the BADRAT team have helped me meet and exceed these targets far quicker than if I’d approached them in my own.

It is for this reason that I was very pleased to join the BADRAT team and look to help other runners achieve their aims, be that distance, times, climbs or, as with most of us, simply getting fitter.

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