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BADRAT had the opportunity to experience one on Chris’ sessions on mobility recently, and we were sold. He and his RunTeach company offer a fascinating insignt into running. Far more than ’the usual’ advice, guidance and analysis, RunTeach look both the mental and physical exercises you can do to improve your running, deal with niggles and adjust your mindset.

This approach is summed up in a quote from Chris – “Of course, we all know deep down that there is no magic cure, and the only way to reduce our injury risk is to learn to run properly.”

About Chris:

With training in biomechanics, dynamic movement skills and sports nutrition, Chris is a qualified UKA Level 2 coach in Endurance Running. He shares his knowledge and understanding through fully comprehensive gait analysis, rehab and prehab, coaching and live workshops.

Chris is lucky enough to be one of the few gait analysis and coaching companies in the UK to use the cutting edge technology from dorsaVi that measures key aspects of your running gait to produce detailed reports that highlight areas of concern and potential risk. 

We at BADRAT have a passion for supporting our members both at club runs and outside them too. Chris’ services absolutely fit this focus, and we think what he does can have a huge positive effect on the running and all round health of our members. RunTeach have agreed to offer BADRAT members a discounted rate on gait analysis, workshops and 1-2-1- sessions.

We are proud to work in partnership with Chris and RunTeach. 

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