Quite a cool logo, funky font, curious name....but what does it mean? Who are BADRAT runners?

We are not Rats, for starters. Best clear that up! No tails, no twitchy noses, no habitual desire to bin dive for dinner. Nor are we, necessarily, particularly bad. 

BADRAT stands for where we are and who we are – Bridgwater And District Road And Trail. We are runners, but clearly 'BADRATR' just doesn’t sound as good, so we presumed you’d naturally assume this particular detail.

We are a running group based in Bridgwater and surrounds who have a passion for enjoying running whether it’s along the roads and country lanes or off onto the trails and into the Quantocks. So Spaxton runners, North Petherton runners, Puriton runners, Wembdon runners, Wilstock and Stockmoor runners....we are here for all of you and more.