We have partnered with some great companies to bring discounts to BADRAT club members.



BADRAT are over the moon to be able to announce a partnership with Runderwear; a UK Athletics partner, multi-award winning company and manufactures or awesome pants!* (*also other underwear specifically designed for running).

BADRAT members receive an ‘all the time’ 15% discount across the Runderwear range.

From experience we can recommend their products – genuinely comfortable and durable running underwear which lives up to the ‘no chafe’ reputation.

More details, and their whole range, can be found via the Runderwear website at

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Running can be hard, and running without caffeine can be even harder!

BADRAT runners are proud to announce a perfect partnership – with Revvies.

Revvies are a UK company who produce a super caffeine supplement that can be taken prior to or during exercise, proven to be effective by a number of world leading athletes and clubs.

Revvies Energy Strips are changing sports nutrition by providing a faster, more convenient boost that can be taken without water, immediately before and during exercise. No chewing. No sticky waste. No upset stomach.

Need more details about this awesome partner?

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Made in the UK, used by professional athletes and the armed forces, you know you’re on to something good.

Enertor produce some awesome insoles, socks and base layers for runners, and have some mind blowing endorsements. 

BADRAT are excited to announce that we have a 10% ongoing discount with Enertor for single pairs of insoles, socks or base layers. Pretty cool, right?!

For more details on the Enertor ranges please check out their website at

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‘Because it's no fun standing still’

BADRAT are proud to offer our members an exclusive discount with the awesome team at

With over 13000 running products from top sports brands available, as well as some of the most competitive prices on running shoes anywhere to begin with, sportsshoes are the go-to provider for all things running kit. are a superb partner who are happy to support BADRAT members achieve all they can in their running, and we are excited to have them on board with us.



BADRAT are really pleased to announce an awesome 30% discount with UNILITE.

Unilite, established in 1981, is still a family owned business. They’re now one of the world’s leading torch and light suppliers. Pretty cool, right? Unilite’s motto: LIGHTS-BUILT-TOUGH. Sounds pretty damn BADRAT doesn’t it. UNILITE have given BADRAT runners a 30% discount. They want to see us through our winter (and Autumn, and Spring!) runs. The code is available to BADRAT members – get in touch to get your offer.

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Whether you are a seasoned elite ultra/trail runner or just starting out in getting your feet dirty, the amazing team at 'The Ultramarathon Running Store' will have you covered for all your running gear and essential supplies with an exclusive discount to BADRAT club members of 10% discount across the store.

The team at The Ultramarathon Running store have a single mission, in always trying their absolute best to provide you and all ultra runners with the latest and best trail running / ultra running products, at the best value and with excellent customer service. The code is available to BADRAT club members – so register to benefit from this awesome discount and go check them out at:

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From the urban dictionary: FLANCI means 'better than fancy and almost fabulous'. This fits perfectly with the brand who love seeing runners wearing their own FLANCI pants!

FLANCI was born from collaboration with runners and also a professional sportswear designer, their legwear has been developed as a comfortable, functional, affordable brand with fun and funky colourful patterns. Not only for runners, they are suitable for the gym, yoga or just for relaxing in.

FLANCI are offering a 10% discount to BADRAT club members!



BADRAT are excited to announce that Channel Events have offered our members a 10% discount for events, and they and we hope we can welcome as many BADRATs to a start-line soon to find out more about all the great things Dan and his team have to offer!

Keep your eyes on their social media and website, as well as BADRAT’s social feeds, for details about events and opportunities for entering some incredible local events.

These are some of the awesome benefits BADRAT runners enjoy, register for club membership to take advantage.