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Who are we?

Bridgwater and District Road and Trail (BADRAT) runners are a local and welcoming running club. We like to keep our runs varied, mixing up distances and terrain and always up for a challenge. We enter local races and events, supporting other running clubs and local businesses who organise these fantastic events and we just enjoy the opportunity to change the scenery and test what we have learned!

BADRAT runners are different - we are more than a traditional club, we are a running community.


Who are we for?

Our club and community are for those who live in Bridgwater and further afield. If you're new to running, or an experienced veteran and are looking to run in a group, share experiences, supporting each other whilst learning along the way then we might be a good fit for you!

We want to see people thrive in great company, feeling supported, motivated and comfortable so you can achieve your running goals – whatever these may be. Why not give us a go?


When and where do we run?

A very good question and we're very glad you asked, find out more below!

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