Our BADRAT runners midweek club runs meet on a Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm, and on a  Wednesday at 6.45pm. 

  • Tuesday runs are targeted at shorter distances. Usually hitting around 3 to 4 miles at a casual pace, this will suit all abilities. Meet points are potentially anywhere around the district, to keep routes varied. Routes are predominantly road.

  • Wednesday is our North Petherton club run, covering distances of between 4 to 6 miles. Again open to all abilities, the distances are a little longer and can be classed as more 'technical' with hills and occasional light trail thrown into the mix.

  • Thursday runs are Bridgwater based and usually 6 to 8 miles with more focuse on continuous running (little to no stops). Additionally we may throw in a technical training approach to the run (for those that want it). Hills, intervals and "Fartleks" can be introduced on route.

  • Lastly across the three run evenings, we include a trail run option. These are basically 5 to 7 miles of the finest Quantock trails, and are held on any one of the evenings dependant on interest.

Our routes and meet points are planned in advance and added to our Strava group and are then advised through our social platforms. This way you're never unsure of when/where to be and what you might expect. We like to mix road, path and trail, often in the same run (weather permitting)!  Our primary aim is for you to have a fun and engaging running experience, within a like minded running community.

We do also run occasional weekends, often picking up a local Park Run on a Saturday morn, and on Sundays mornings where these are traditionally the 'longer runs' to help promote and improve our runner endurance. These are less regular but when arranged they are always in advance, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials!

But it doesn’t stop at physical runs around Bridgwater. Our belief is that a local running club should support you in all your runs, providing the same encouragement all the time and engaging with feedback, support and motivation. So, we do virtual running too. Challenges, fun-run-tasks and always encourage sharing your runs with us all so we can all share in your awesome achievements!

Our Facebook and Instagram accounts will keep you up to date and are there for you to share your results, and our Strava Club means we are always running together…even when we aren’t. But we are.

Note: To keep up to date on weekly club run plans, check our Facebook page/groups and Strava Club for further details on planned runs


Thursdays @ 7pm

"BADRAT North" takes in routes around Chilton Trinity, Wembdon to Kingsdown and Bower Manor. In the summer months the river paths along the Parrett and picking up the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal are a favourite run route.

With routes typically between 6 and 7 miles dependant on the turnout and conditions and run over a set of local routes, so expect a mixture of road, path and trail, often in the same run! 

Meet Point: Northgate Car Park, Bridgwater,
TA6 3EU @ 7PM

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Wednesdays @ 6.45pm

BADRAT South typically takes in routes around North Petherton, Huntworth and North Newton and picks up paths/trails along the canal and through the woods of Kings Cliff.

Much the same with the North area, planned routes will be a mixture of surfaces for members to contend with and some hilly sections to tackle. Distances are more conservative, between 4 and 6 miles!

Meet Point: North Petherton Community Centre, Fore Street, TA6 6QA @ 7PM

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