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BADRAT runners and the White Star Running ‘Lockdown Frolic’

It’s Saturday 25th July 2020. Lockdown is still….lockdown.

Covid-19 stalks the land like a thingamabob from War of the Worlds.

People are scared, tired, stressed, and desperate to run! Who comes to the rescue but Andy Palmer and the White Star Running team. Plunging the depths of imagination and possibility they arrive at the race title – the Lockdown Frolic.

We all set out to make a statement. (and win a bespoke wooden medal, buff and squeaky, of course).

Hurrah! We all cry. Until we check the weather forecast – 99% chance of torrential downpour. Be prepared to run past Noah and his ark, pairs of sodding pandas who have missed the boat and as such have flown in the face of all our ‘environmentalism’. Selfish bastards.

So, BADRAT – the newly formed road and trail club from Bridgwater – we embrace the opportunity wholly. And what a response we had!

There will be a gazebo (thanks – Rob and Michelle!), there will be treats, a flag…2 flags…(White Star Running and Contact Coffee, what more do you need but mad enthusiasm and endless quality caffeine). There will be enthusiasm (yes, Kerry – we mean YOU), laughs and croissants. Jelly babies, jelly cola bottles, some Lidl-fizzy things, milk bottles, marshmellows…all sorts!

BADRAT approached the event with enthusiasm and a willingness to tackle the challenge whole-heartedly. No token effort from us, despite the heavy rain. Time for some well deserved Kudos for members from a brand new club:

  • Michelle: 27.38 miles

  • Rob: 17.57 miles

  • Kerry: 21.41 miles

  • Steven: 8.76 miles

  • Lesley: 20 miles

  • Clair: 26.55 miles

  • Bjorn: 20.58 miles

  • Peter: 20.13 miles

  • Nick: 30.49 miles

Total BADRAT mileage – 192.87 total – 21.43 miles average per BADRAT. AWESOME. All of you – Thank you and well done! Such an inspiring effort!

We tackled the WSR Challenges too. Photo with a dinosaur – check. Photo with a fox – check. Vegetables, photos of old relatives, tutus, face coverings – check. Unicorn – check…ish. Cow photos – you bet! Result!

We loved the WSR challenge and will be back for more!

We are so proud of our BADRAT members! We have only been a club since late April 2020 (during lockdown) and have only been running together a handful of weeks. To cover almost 200 miles as part of our first ever race event is incredible!

Before we commence in a new week of BADRAT running, we want to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to all of out BADRAT runners who took part. What a HUGE effort! Let’s get another week of BADRAT running started!

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