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Lockdown making you RAT-y?

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Here are some great ideas from some awesome people to keep you motivated and challenged, be it over roads or on trails!

It’s time to talk Virtual Running and Racing.

Many of us are finding the Covid-19 lockdown a bit of a running 'mojo-killer', but it’s also created a set of circumstances that make it all the more important to get out, get some fresh air and exercise, and to create some gin-room / enjoy the benefits of fresh air and natural beauty 😉. To help create some motivation to run, get some miles in or even test some distance and speed challenges some of our local running events companies have created some virtual running events, complete with medals and even some quality running stash! You may not want to get up for a 10k run, but you’d get up to crash some miles out to gain a medal and bask in its’ reflective glow* right? We know we would! *glow dependant on weather, delivery time-lag necessary, post-run-sun-necessary-basking may be achieved dependant on circumstances and environmental factors. To help you, the BADRAT runners team have bought you two superb options below, so get stuck in and don’t forget to tag #BADRAT in all of your results, posts and photos so we can share in your successes!


White Star Running What can we say about WSR, or rather, where do we start?!

White Star are a superb event organiser, lead by a team headed by the legendary Andy Palmer, and based in deepest Dorsetshire. Their races are well renown for being fun, mad (in a good way!) and having some incredible medals, stash and support. Love Stations, Gin, bespoke beers? That’s WSR.

You can get your hands on some of their super stash and medals by taking part in their virtual race range, especially set up to see us all through this challenging time as well as to help ensure that nothing goes to waste their end.

Follow the link, get on, get in, get running! (give them a follow too on Facebook to keep up with news, events and to show your support)


Flying Fox Running Flying Fox are a super local running event company set up and run by two super people – Nathan and Pippa. Based in and around Yeovil, they use some stunning local location and add their Flying Fox Flair to make the events something that really are special, memorable and above all enjoyable.

Their medals are great, the team are friendly and fun and they know how to create an atmosphere that embraces everyone and makes for hard-to-beat events.

They have some great virtual race offerings, set up specially to see us runners through these upside-down times. Head over to their website and Facebook pages to check out the medals available and get booked on! (give them a follow too on Facebook to keep up with news, events and to show your support)

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