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Renewals and EA (England Athletics) - now's the time!

As BADRAT club and England Athletics renewals fast approach, the team here at BADRAT wanted to highlight the club's England Athletics (EA) Affiliated Club status.

What does this mean?

It means BADRAT are a registered club with England Athletics - we not only have the opportunity to pass on all of those membership benefits to our affiliated members (see below) but also that the club is governed and run in accordance with a set of regulations and expectations as specified in our constitution.

First off, who are EA? They are the membership and developmental body for athletics and running clubs in England.

Why is it worth signing up? It means amongst many other things that you can register with us as an affiliated runner, giving you:

- the opportunity to race or event as a BADRAT, awesome of course.

- discounted race event entries - great for all the events you can join as lockdown restrictions ease - hurrah!

- access to a range of discounts (yes, more, on top of all those you get as a BADRAT member!).

- access to your Power of 10 stats, so you can see your race result records and how they compare to others.

- Discounted opportunities to gain running training and qualifications.

It means you can have it all - affiliation for your events and races as well as membership of a cracking local club full of awesome members! Most importantly, we would LOVE you to represent us every time you enter an event, race or competition - it's you who make BADRAT all that we are.

How do I do the England Athletics 'thing'?

1. Already an England Athletics registered runner? When you renew, take the chance to amend your first claim club to BADRAT. Hint: You'll have to find us by typing into the club finder box 'Bridgwater & District Road & Trail.

2. New to EA? Get in touch with us or complete the membership form (then send it to us, of course!) on our website here. As a club we are responsible for getting you registered. You can find out more about this process through the EA website 'Becoming a Registered Athlete' page.

3. When can I do this? You can become a EA registered runner at any time, whether you are new to the club or already signed up with us. Just get in touch with us and we can get things moving. For current members, a good time to do it may be alongside your club renewal for ease, and you can select the option that states you wish to be a BADRAT affiliated runner as part of the process.

As you renew your BADRAT membership - or join us for the first time - register as a BADRAT affiliated member too.

We can't wait to welcome you!

Run Local. Run BADRAT.

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