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When life gives you lemons? Make a Gin & Tonic

Author: Nick P

As we all wait for the end of lockdown, I see loads of posts on social media telling us 2020 is the year to forget and what a waste. But maybe we need to look for the positives of 2020!

This weekend I should be enjoying French wine and patisseries on my trip to the marathon de la liberté taking place today, Sunday 14th June. Training for my first marathon, had started in earnest at the end of January and when we entered lockdown I was on target for my goal of a sub 4 hour time.

But as this goal looked likely, I started pressuring myself for more. When the inevitable

cancellation came, I was grateful training could end. I wasn’t enjoying running.

After two weeks of not running, I finally started to remember why I wanted to run a marathon and it was never for the glory of a time, but because I enjoyed running and wanted to run races that increased my enjoyment. I also realised I can’t remember my PBs, so why was I chasing another time which I would forget over time.

So lockdown for me, has allowed me to reset my goals. I’ve learnt to change my well worn routes and turn left when I always turned right.

I learnt to carry a camera and take photos of splashing through streams, the sun coming over the horizon and anything that makes a memory.

So I’m strangely thankful for lockdown and for the marathon, there is always next year!

Nick P

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