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Yoga For Sport – Designed for You

I’m sure you may be wondering what’s the difference between a regular yoga class and a sport class, well truthfully not much in terms of movement!

There’s not an ‘OM’ to be heard, no spiritual mantras or use of Sanskrit terminology; but there is a focus on the breath and this is the magic ingredient, when combined with mindful movement it calms the nervous system allowing the body to relax into each posture.

The benefits of Yoga for runners (or any activity really) is all about the key benefits of yoga:

  • Lengthens & strengthens muscles

  • Re-aligns & corrects imbalances

  • Reduces Injury

  • Increases Balance

  • Improves concentration and self awareness

  • Increases O2 capacity

  • Calms and soothes the nervous system

  • Improves digestion

The poses or stretches (asanas) are done in a hatha style which, means they do not flow together but are held to allow fascia release and development of muscles. These poses are chosen specifically to address common problem areas. Whilst in the pose I give you information, about what you should be feeling and a little bit of science too.

What do you need? An open mind mostly!

The hardest thing for most of us active people is to slow down, move mindfully and not push ourselves too deeply into a range of movement. Its best to keep in mind that its not a challenge or competition and to listen to the guidance and ask for modifications where needed.

In terms of kit, you need a mat and some space to be able to move not only on it but also around it. I’m a massive fan of props such as bricks, blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets – so to substitute you may like to bring some hard backed books (of the same size!), a chair, blanket, some cushions and a dressing gown belt – and please be prepared to take your socks off!

BADRAT special:

All sessions are currently being offered on zoom and are 60 minutes duration. The virtual studio fees are £6.00 PAYG or £20.00 for a month’s class pass (T&Cs apply). I am offering all BADRAT members a special offer in July of £15.00 for the class pass.

All participants will need to have completed a screening form prior to the class.

If your goal is to perform better, recover faster and feel awesome, then this type of yoga class will benefit you.

See you on the mat.

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